Yogesh P.

After searching for a home for quite some time, we enlisted Sati as our real estate broker for assistance. Sati went above and beyond our expectations.

From the moment we met with him, he was ready and willing to help us. He sent us potential listings right away and immediately got a sense of what we liked or not. If we wanted to go see a listing, he always made the arrangements right away. Sati was always available, and extremely responsive to all of our requests. He was very patient and accommodating to our schedule. He was knowledgeable and very professional. He was honest about the properties we visited, gave us all the pros and cons. Once we finally found a property we liked, Sati took all the steps to ensure our offer was accepted. And once our offer was accepted, he continued to help us find a notary, made the necessary appointments for us, followed up to make sure everything was on track. He was a huge help to us and his expertise and attention to detail were greatly appreciated.

Artchie Angelo S. R.

I would highly recommend Sati to anyone because he is very hard working and I could tell he loves his job.

Me and my wife were very happy because he guided us through everything. He also made sure that we were in good hands to the people he work with such as banks, home inspector, notary ETC. The people he worked with were Amazing and very good people. Sati is your guy and you won’t regret it. He’ll get the job done. Thank you Sati!! Me and Tiffany really appreciate what you did for us. Cheers!!

Joshua C.

Sati was knowledgeable and super friendly, really helped us get comfortable with the apartment he showed us, and we wound up securing it! Would recommend!

Arjun (A.J) B.

My wife and I had difficulty selling our home in a competitive buyers-market with plenty of available inventory. When Sati became our agent, he re-energized the entire sales process by bringing enthusiasm, hard work and positivity to the equation.

Sati is very detail oriented and he took control of the entire process from ensuring that the home was professionally staged, photographed, and marketed, to finding the right clients to purchase the home. When we relocated, Sati went above and beyond by assisting us in moving furniture and coordinating services for upkeep. Finally, he worked tirelessly to ensure that our property was sold in a timely manner, at a price that we were pleased to receive. Sati is truly an exceptional real estate broker. He diligently did his research on the competition, built a strong network of contacts in our area, and held open houses on a regular basis. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work he put into selling our home. I highly recommend his services to anyone without any reservations. He will certainly be an asset to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the greater Montreal area.

Hsin Wei (Cynthia) T.

Sati is very energetic, considerate and easy to get along with. He is extremely professional and an absolute workaholic who truly loves and takes the work seriously.

As a first time home buyer Sati provided invaluable information and perspectives, making the entire experience enjoyable and educational. He is always honest and trustworthy, and as long as you could reciprocate the same attitudes, working together would certainly be productive and pleasant. What is more remarkable is that Sati is not only essential for closing the deal, but also exceedingly helpful after the deal, in any way he could to assist me settling in the new place, answering my questions and so on. It was a pleasure to have worked with him and I consider myself lucky to have come to know him.

Julia R.

Working with Sati exceeded any of my expectations. He was incredibly friendly and personable.

I couldn’t believe how responsive he was to all of my requests and questions. He took the time to listen to me and determine what would be a good fit for my family and I. He was extremely patient, supportive and knowledgeable. I would HIGHLY recommend Sati!


Sati is highly professional and is someone who will always deliver in finding you your perfect home! He is passionate about the field and is someone you can trust. My husband and I are soo happy with our home! Thank you Sati!

Mouhamed Mamba G.

Excellent service, very professional, courteous and always available. Thank you Sati I enjoyed it. Do not hesitate to contact him for your real estate projects.

Johan A.

If you need an agent to help you find a property and negotiate for you, Sati is your man! Very professional and organized, impressive to see it in action!

Isabel F.

La qualité et le professionnalisme du service que ce soit pour un achat ou une vente de propriété est phénoménale de la part de Pierre-Yves et Maggy (son adjointe). Il sait vraiment naviguer les plus difficiles transactions en donnant les meilleurs conseils. Je recommande ses services à tous.

Michel R.

Pierre-Yves est extrêmement efficace, il a su nous conseiller de sorte à ventre notre propriété très rapidement et acheter la maison qu’on voulait malgré le marché très compétitif. Transparent et professionnel comme on en voit rarement, je recommande les yeux fermés!

Martine G.

J’aimerais vous remercier pour votre aide pour l’achat de mon condo. Vous êtes allé vraiment au-delà de mes attentes. Toujours à l’écoute, disponible pour toutes mes questions, conseils grandement appréciés et d’un professionnalisme tout au long de nos échanges. Merci encore pour tout !

Marc-André V.

Merci Pierre-Yves! Je ne me serais jamais lancé dans un tel projet sans ton support et expertise. Le marché est tellement fou que vaut mieux être bien conseillé par un courtier solide pour y voir clair et arriver à une belle finale de manière efficace et professionnelle!

Alex P.

Nous avons acheté notre première maison avec Pierre-Yves Cloutier et il a fait un travail exceptionnel. Ce courtier donne l’heure juste du début la fin et a vraiment travaillé pour nos intérêts. Merci encore!

Jeanet B.

Nous avons eu un service impeccable avec Pierre-Yves : efficacité, disponibilité, réponses rapides. Nous le recommandons sans hésiter!!

Mélodie A.

5 étoiles pour Pierre-Yves! Grâce à toi et ton travail impeccable, nous avons trouvé la maison ou il fait bon vivre!

Myriam B.

Merci Pierre-Yves pour ton aide. Tu as été très rassurant et patient avec moi tout au long de mon processus d’achat. C’était un moment stressant l’achat de ma première maison mais avec toi comme agent tout s’est bien déroulé ! Tes conseils ont été précieux !

Julie B.

Pierre-Yves est un excellent courtier! Super professionnel, il répond toujours rapidement et fait d’excellents suivis.

Kristina T.

Pierre-Yves était notre courtier lors de l’achat de notre première maison et ils nous a donné un service très professionnel tout en étant honnête avec nous durant le processus de visites et d’achat, et nous en sommes très reconnaissant. Grâce à lui, nous avons pu trouver notre toute première petite maison, ou nous avons vécu que des beaux moments. Vous ne serez pas dessus avec un courtier comme pierre-Yves, je vous garantis un service hors pair autant de Pierre-Yves que de Maggy son adjointe. Vraiment une excellente équipe dévouée à leurs clients.

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